Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

India is the birthplace of yoga, so it is quite evident that most yoga enthusiasts or practitioners will prefer India, to learn authentic yoga. You can now join the 200 hour Kundalini yoga teacher training in Goa, amidst the golden sands of Goa beaches. It is one of the most tranquil places in India, that aids in the practice of yoga. You will be led on this journey of self-realization and nourishment, by our eminent teachers.

You will be able to develop your personal practice and also develop professional teaching skills, through the 200 hr Kundalini yoga teacher training. You will practice Kundalini Yoga, in the traditional manner at the renowned school, Heartland Yoga. Moreover, the school takes the best initiatives to see that, you are able to soak in the best knowledge from learned teachers, who are practicing Kundalini Yoga for decades. If you are eager to tap into your latent powers, then you should join this yoga course.

Kundalini Awakening & Brief Overview of Course

The Kundalini yoga ttc in Goa draws influence from ancient Tantric knowledge. The course sessions include meditative and contemplative practices, that can cleanse the chakras. The same practices also help to raise the Kundalini energy. You will be drawing your awareness inward, as a part of the course, and will also nurture the atman. You will be able to awaken the mind and bring out more creative ideas to nurture your life and career. We will help you to safely awaken the Kundalini Power, to bring about instant transformation in your life. As the female shakti rises up through the chakras, it becomes one with the Male consciousness or Purusha, at the Sahasara chakra.

We teach authentic Kundalini Yoga at Heartland Yoga. The nada and mantra yoga techniques will be taught by our best teachers. These practices will help in clearing any sort of blockages in the chakras. You will learn about Kundalini Tantra, Philosophy, Physiology, and Anatomy as well. As you practice the kriyas and asanas over a period of a month, you will be able to spot the changes. You will learn about the traditional lessons, from Hatha Yoga, Nada, Kriya Yoga, and Mantra Yoga systems. We teach you the series, with special breathing techniques that intensifies the effect of the poses. It also helps in freeing up energy in the lower body or the chakras.

We begin our Kundalini Yoga classes with a short chanting, which helps in setting your intentions. The classes end with meditation to cool the mind. You will learn in detail about the Kundalini, preparation before awakening, risks and precautions, chakras, and the nadis.

Heartland Yoga in Goa Is Best For Kundalini Yoga

You should join the 200 hour Kundalini yoga teacher training in Goa, so that you can gain authentic knowledge on this subject or yoga form. Moreover, Goa is one of the best places for learning and practicing yoga. The location is just ideal, and you can practice yoga while seeing the sea and the sand. We also conduct a few classes right on the beach. Heartland Yoga is one of the oldest yoga school, imparting knowledge in a specialized subject like Kundalini Yoga. The place is surrounded by lush greenery. If you are an internal traveller, you will love Goa’s vibes. There are perfect spots for activities, which you can indulge in, after completion of the course. Our school has teachers who are RYT certified and have been teaching for a long time. We offer the best vegan and vegetarian food to our students. So, you will thrive on that, as it helps in the infusion of fresh ‘Prana’ into the body. We have the best infrastructure as well, along with airy and well-ventilated classes. To top it all, you will also be able to get the 200 hour Kundalini yoga teacher training in Goa, at affordable fees.

Why Choose Heartland Yoga?

All those who are interested to pursue the 200 hr Kundalini yoga teacher training, must choose us for a number of reasons.

· We always strive hard to teach authentic yoga. You will find less of commercialization, at our place.

· You will get the Yoga Alliance completion certificate after the course. After that, you can register yourself with Yoga Alliance as a RYT 200 certified teacher.

· Our traditional knowledge is imparted by well-experienced teachers, who are also awakened, apart from having a decade of experience.

· We teach yoga in small groups, so you will get personalized attention.

· You can also intern at the yoga school, of you perform well. We always give the best opportunities to diligent students.

· Our school is located in a secluded place, but it is not far away from the market place.

· You will have a truly enriching experience, while interacting and engaging with our best staff at the school.

Module 1:Introduction To Kundalini Yoga And Philosolpy

    • What is Kundalini?
    • Kundalini Physiology
    • Methods of Awakening
    • Preparing for the Awakening
    • Diet for Kundalini Awakening
    • Risks and Precautions
    • The Experiences of Awakening
    • The Path of Kriya Yoga
    • Vama Marga and Kundalini Awakening

Module 2: The Chakras

    • Introduction
    • Chakra History
    • Root Chakra
    • Sacral Chakra
    • Solar Plexus Chakra
    • Heart Chakra
    • Throat Chakra
    • Third •Eye Chakra
    • Crown Chakra
    • Conclusion

Module 3:Kundalini Pranayama

    • Benefits of Pranayama
    • Some Beneficial Practice

Module 4:Kundalini Mudras, Bandhas, And Kriya

    • What is Mudra, Bandha, Kriya?
    • Beneficial Practices

Module 5:Energy Anatomy

    • The Gunas
    • The Koshas
    • The Chakras

Module 6:Ayurveda

    • Panchabhuta: The 5 Elements The Doshas
    • Ayurvedic Food Combinations
    • Ayurvedic Tips for Digestion

Module 7: Qualities Of A Good Teacher

  • The Importance of a Teacher
  • Positive communication and trust-building
  • Time management
  • Mental and emotional preparation for teaching
  • Class preparation
  • Step-by-step class structure planning
  • Lesson planning
  • Ethical practices

Daily Schedule

Time Activity
06:30 - 07:30Pranayama/Mantra Chanting
07:45 - 09:00Kundalini yoga
09:15 - 10:15Breakfast
10:30 - 11:30Philosophy
11:45 - 12:45Anatomy
13:00 - 14:00Lunch
15:00 - 16:00Methodology & Students Teachings
16:15 - 17:15Alignment/Adjustment/Teaching Methodology
17:30 - 19:00Hatha/Ashtanga/vinyasa
19:15 - 20:00Meditation/ TatSang (Tue,Thu)
20:00 - 21:00Dinner
21:30Light off

*When needed, we arrange verbal touch-ground talks with individuals or groups of students targeting their wellbeing and methodology to unfold group consciousness in their everyday practice. Caring is scheduled every day at Heartland Yoga. Saturday will be a half-working day, and Sundays will be off. However, Heartland Yoga will arrange special events and excursions to attractions in or out of town. This may be scheduled during the weekends.

Dates & Availability

Start Date Finish Date
01 Mar 202424 Mar 2024
01 Apr 202424 Apr 2024
01 May 202424 May 2024
01 Jun 202424 Jun 2024
01 Jul 202424 Jul 2024
01 Aug 202424 Aug 2024
01 Sep 202424 Sep 2024
01 Oct 202424 Oct 2024
01 Nov 202424 Nov 2024
01 Dec 202424 Dec 2024

Course Fee

Package Price (Euros) Status
Single Share€2500Enroll Now
Twin Share€2100Enroll Now