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200-hour Kundalini YTTC

Kundalini yoga involves chanting, singing, breathing exercises, and repetitive poses. Through this training, you will be able to activate your Kundalini energy or the spiritual energy located at the base of your spine. You will unlock mysteriously divine and peaceful inner spirituality and awareness. You will learn methods and yogic practices that will help you ignite all the seven chakras with clarity and calmness. This program will cover Kundalini kriyas, mantras, mudras, pranayama techniques, and asanas that will help you master Kundalini Yoga.

Online training: If you prefer learning this online, students will be able to attend live sessions using Zoom or Google Meet, permitting them to have practical learning exposure and get fast queries they may have. Pre-recorded yoga sessions may be arranged on some days. If you choose to be schooled online, you will also receive a teacher training module.

200-hour Kundalini YTTC

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About the Teacher

Devesh Bhargav

Founder of Heartland Yoga

Years of experience teaching national and international students.

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