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300-hour Kundalini YTTC

This is an intensive and more in-depth version of the Kundalini YTTC. It is the next level where you will be registered and certified to teach and practice Kundalini yoga worldwide. This training program places more detailed emphasis on Kundalini principles, tantra to enlighten your Chakras, and meditation techniques to harness your true potential. We offer structured and precise guidelines that will help you gather as much knowledge as possible about Kundalini Yoga. You will learn all the techniques from our renowned masters. 

Online training: This teacher training program can be accessed online if interested trainees cannot attend on-site. Practical learning sessions will be scheduled via zoom or google meet so that the trainees can get a real-time experience and get quick answers to any queries they might have. If you choose to be trained online, you will also receive a teacher training module to aid you in the process. 


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About the Teacher

Devesh Bhargav

Founder of Heartland Yoga

Years of experience teaching national and international students.

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