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50-hour Yin TTC

In Yin Yoga, you will practice slow, deliberate, calming, yet challenging techniques of Yoga that would help you gain a sense of clarity and peacefulness. In this training program, you will learn the skill and techniques to explore resistances in yourself, both physical and psychological. Yin Yoga TTC targets the deepest layers of the physical body, such as connective tissues, ligaments, joints, and bones, to help you gain optimal health and teach students safe exercise and Yoga. You will dive deep into safe yin yoga practices and learn about your own unique body. You will also learn some eastern and western mindfulness practices to guide you throughout your yoga journey. 

Online training: If interested students cannot attend on-site, they can join this course of study online. Practical learning sessions will be planned through Zoom or Google Meet so that trainees can gain real-world experience and receive prompt responses to any questions they may have. If you choose to be trained online, you'll also get a teacher training module to help you along the way.

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About the Teacher

Devesh Bhargav

Founder of Heartland Yoga

Years of experience teaching national and international students.

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