Learning Objectives

Welcome to an transformative retreat for the inner journey of body, mind, and soul, nestled in the enchanting beauty of Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India. This 7 days are exclusively designed for someone like you, someone looking for inner spiritual transformation along with seeking a profound connection with yourself and the world around you.

Immerse yourself in the majestic landscapes of the Himalayas as you embark on a soulful odyssey of self-discovery, healing, and personal transformation. Dharamshala, renowned for its spiritual energy and serene atmosphere, sets the perfect backdrop for your inner exploration.

During this immersive retreat, prepare to embark on a holistic voyage that integrates the wisdom of breathwork, energy work, meditation, movement therapy, and chakra healing. Our expert facilitators, rooted in ancient traditions and contemporary practices, will guide you on a profound inward journey, empowering you to awaken your highest potential.

Experience the subtle art of energy work, tapping into the energetic forces that flow within and around you. Through tailored practices, you will learn to cultivate a harmonious balance, clear energy pathways, and awaken your innate ability to manifest your desires and intentions.

Movement therapy, infused with various expressive and embodied practices, will offer you a gateway to reconnect with your body's wisdom Engage in the profound healing of your chakras, the energetic centers within your body. Through dedicated chakra healing sessions, you will harmonize and balance these energy centers, unleashing your creative potential, enhancing intuition, and deepening your connection with your authentic self. It is filled with not just learning but with practical lessons.

Come, awaken your inner wisdom, and discover the transformative power of this retreat for the body, mind, and soul. Your journey of self- discovery awaits amidst the mystical beauty of Dharamshala, India with Heartland Retreats

Who Is This Retreat For?

Our wellness retreats at Heartland Wellness are designed to cater to a diverse range of individuals who are seeking a transformative and rejuvenating experience. Our retreats are suitable for:

  • Individuals Seeking Relaxation and Stress Relief: If you're feeling overwhelmed by the demands of everyday life, our retreats offer a peaceful sanctuary where you can unwind, de-stress, and recharge. Whether you're juggling work responsibilities, family obligations, or simply need a break from the fast-paced modern world, our retreats provide a tranquil space for relaxation and rejuvenation.

  • Wellness Enthusiasts: If you have a passion for holistic well-being and are eager to deepen your knowledge and practice, our retreats are an ideal opportunity to expand your horizons. Whether you're already familiar with practices such as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness or are just beginning your wellness journey, our retreats offer a supportive environment to explore and enhance your wellness practices.

  • Individuals Seeking Personal Growth and Self-Reflection: Our retreats are designed to foster personal growth, self-reflection, and self-discovery. If you're on a journey of self-exploration and are looking to gain insights into yourself, develop a deeper understanding of your values and aspirations, and cultivate a greater sense of purpose, our retreats provide a nurturing space for inner growth and transformation.

  • Those in Need of a Digital Detox: In our increasingly connected world, it's essential to take time away from screens and technology to reconnect with ourselves and the present moment. If you find yourself constantly glued to devices, feeling digitally overwhelmed, and longing for a digital detox, our retreats offer an opportunity to disconnect and embrace the serenity of nature and real-life connections.

  • Individuals Seeking Mind-Body-Spirit Alignment: If you're looking to restore balance and harmony within yourself, our retreats embrace a holistic approach to well-being. By integrating practices that nourish the mind, body, and spirit, such as yoga, meditation, healthy nutrition, and mindfulness, our retreats aim to align these aspects of your being, promoting overall wellness and vitality.

  • Those Interested in Building Connections and Community: Our retreats provide a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages connection and community. If you're seeking to meet like-minded individuals, share experiences, and cultivate meaningful connections with others on a similar


Heartland Wellness retreats are suitable for individuals from all walks of life who are seeking relaxation, stress relief, personal growth, self-reflection, digital detox, mind-body-spirit alignment, and connection. Whether you're a wellness enthusiast, a busy professional, a seeker of personal growth, or simply in need of a break, our retreats offer a transformative experience that caters to your unique needs and aspirations.

Why Choose Heartland wellness?

Title: Embark on a Transformative Wellness Retreat with Heartland Wellness

Introduction: Welcome to Heartland Wellness, your gateway to transformative wellness retreats. We understand the importance of taking time for yourself, disconnecting from the demands of daily life, and immersing yourself in a rejuvenating experience. In this article, we will outline the compelling reasons why choosing a wellness retreat with Heartland Wellness is the perfect choice for your mind, body, and soul.

  • Tranquil and Inspiring Locations: Our wellness retreats take place in serene and picturesque locations carefully chosen to enhance relaxation and inspiration. Whether it's a peaceful beachside retreat, a serene mountain getaway, or a tranquil forest retreat, we select settings that provide a harmonious environment conducive to your well-being. Immerse yourself in nature's beauty as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

  • Expert Guidance and Support: Heartland Wellness retreats are led by experienced and knowledgeable professionals who specialize in various holistic disciplines. Our team of wellness experts, including yoga instructors, meditation guides, nutritionists, and life coaches, are committed to guiding and supporting you throughout your retreat experience. They will provide personalized attention, helping you deepen your understanding of wellness practices and achieve transformative results.

  • Customized Retreat Programs: We understand that everyone has unique wellness goals and preferences. That's why our retreat programs are designed to be customizable, allowing you to tailor your experience to meet your specific needs. Whether you're seeking stress relief, inner balance,

  • mindfulness, or physical rejuvenation, we offer a range of workshops, classes, and activities that can be tailored to your individual goals and interests.

  • Holistic Approach to Well-being: At Heartland Wellness, our retreats embrace a holistic approach to well-being, focusing on nurturing your mind, body, and spirit. Our carefully curated programs incorporate a variety of wellness practices such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness exercises, nutritional workshops, spa treatments, and more. By addressing all aspects of your being, our retreats offer a comprehensive and transformative experience.

  • Connection and Community: Our retreats provide a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals on a similar wellness journey. By fostering a sense of community and camaraderie, you'll have the chance to share experiences, support one another, and create lasting connections. Our retreats cultivate an environment of positivity, encouragement, and mutual growth, allowing you to expand your support network and be inspired by others.

  • Self-Care and Renewal: Heartland Wellness retreats offer a dedicated space for self-care and renewal. They provide an opportunity to step away from the stresses of everyday life and prioritize your well-being. Our retreats encourage self-reflection, self-discovery, and self-empowerment. You'll gain valuable tools and practices that you can integrate into your daily life, fostering long- term well-being and personal growth.


Choosing a wellness retreat with Heartland Wellness means embarking on a transformative journey of self-care, self-discovery, and renewal. With tranquil locations, expert guidance, customized programs, a holistic approach to well-being, the power of connection, and a focus on self-care, our retreats offer a unique opportunity to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Join us at Heartland Wellness and experience the profound benefits of a wellness retreat that will leave you refreshed, inspired, and empowered.

Online training

Students can also enroll to be a part of this training course online. Students will be able to engage in live sessions over Zoom or Google Meet, permitting learners to have a practical learning experience and get rapid answers. Pre-recorded yoga sessions may be arranged on some days. If you choose to be taught remotely, you will also obtain a teacher training package.


  • Meditation Defined

  • Types of meditation

  • 4 Types of Meditation to deal with various emotional and physical traumas

Module 2: CHAKRAS

  • What are Chakras

  • Chakra Health

  • Chakra Healing


  • What and Why Breadthwork

  • 8 Key Breaths

  • Coherent Breathing (in Detail)

  • Release and Healing


  • What is Movement

  • Why Movement

  • Activities around movement

  • Release and Healing


  • EFT tapping

  • Aura cleansing

  • Mantras

  • Chakra Balancing