Heartland Commune

Join our incredible Yoga Commune to widen your yoga practice. As an institute that believes in imbibing serenity and joy in our students through our training, we have established Heartland Commune to gratify your experience through social connection.

Heartland Commune is a collection of like-minded people where exists an atmosphere that encourages personal engagement and social interrelatedness which helps you deepen your practice while gaining insights from fellow students. At our commune, we celebrate growth. Every commune member honors every other member’s breakthroughs and successes, which ultimately leads to the attainment of a higher-ordinate goal and purpose- your consciousness.

yoga retreats img
yoga retreats img

In this open-minded community, you can witness transformation in yourself through the support and encouragement of your fellow commune members. You can quench your thirst for contentment and tranquility at Heartland Commune. Although Yoga is undoubtedly an individualistic journey, the power of social harmony is fundamentally woven into your experience through this commune.

You can practice community service or “Seva” and build your friendships while cultivating patience, compassion, peace, and comfort. In essence, Heartland commune will allow you to diminish your self-serving ego, and engage in interdependence to gain collective consciousness. This is a safe space for you to not only access your feelings and emotions but also express them without fear of judgment. Here, you can inspire and be inspired. Knowing that you have fellow members in the commune who are all working towards a common purpose gives a certain comfort and a new perspective in life.